Run Coaching

Hello, I’m John and I love running.

I enjoy passing on what I’ve learnt about improving as a runner. I’d love to pass on what I know about running and for you to achieve road race times you can’t currently imagine possible or to have the confidence to run further and in more remote country than you currently feel able to do.

Its all there in you, you might just need some help to find it. I ramble on instagram about running – here’s one I made earlier to give you an idea of my running background and coaching plans.

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As I’ve made my own progression from unable to run more than a mile on a treadmill to running 2:48 in my 5th London marathon, I have completed trail races and ultra marathons in some of the most beautiful parts of the world. I have also been fortunate to work with some great coaches. I believe in learning from others and have experienced first hand that having support from someone more experienced than me has helped me improve.

I want to equip you with what I know so you can develop as a runner, and as a person and do ultimately that you don’t need my input at all. You may still enjoy and ask for it after you’ve achieved more than you ever thought possible, but we can get to that point later.

Coaching Sabrina

An honest Chat with the inspirational Sabrina Pace Humpries after goaching her to a Good For Age Marathon in 2020!

Goals for 2021

So it’s been a funny year. With a sub-3 marathon in December 2019 I went on to a 50K PB in January and a 1:21 half in February, which I was super happy with back within 2 mins of my half PB. Then Covid. I hit the trails. Mainly at 2pm while my toddler napped. … More

Goal setting mid pandemic

I wrote this blog pre Covid, as I readjsuted my own goals for a season. It got great feedback at the time, and as we enter 2021 with spring races uncertain and lots of people looking for fresh motivation to keep doign what they love, it’s time to dust it off. If you’d like to … More

My training philosophy

  1. Understand why

I think its important to understand why you’re asking yourself to do the different types of training, and will include as much of the theory behind the sessions and structure we are using as you want. I also understand this isn’t for everyone, some people are busy with life don’t need the theory, they just want to run. NO problem, you’ll still get set the most appropriate training sessions for you!

2. We’re better together

I believe that working with other people allows us to push ourselves further than working on our own. It also helps motivation knowing we’re connected to a coach or other runners who will support what we’re doing. I work well when I need to review what I’ve done with someone else, or when I’m part of a group who’ve all committed to run a given session on a given day (regardless of the weather!). So as well as 1:1 coaching, I’ll create training groups of athletes (yes, you’re an athlete, tell your friends) with similar goals and plans. These virtual groups will be a forum for motivating each other, discussing the sessions, patting each other on the back and generally sharing wisdom and support. I’m not the only one with all the experience! The first of these groups will appear in Autumn 2019 for those targeting spring marathons in 2020.

3. Listen to your body

It’s essential to listen to feedback from your body. It’s not mind over matter, more mind & body working as one to improve. World class athletes adjust their training to make sure they tread the fine line between not training enough and over-training or risking injury. We should be no different! I encourage those that work with me to keep a simple log of how they’re feeling after sessions and review training weekly. This way we can adjust and tailor training plans to be the right fit for the individual.

4. Set goals that let you do the training you love

Different types of races require different types of training. Love running lots of miles on flat tarmac? enter a road marathon with a time goal. Love hilly trails, but don’t have a lot of time to run for more than an hour? set some trail trace goals for 8 miles or less. I like to help understand peoples goals and break them into smaller chunks along the way. You may want to run your first marathon – training plans will have smaller goals along the way built into them.

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