Day 3 – Avalon

First stop Romilly sur Sienne, south of Paris now. The hot weather continues so am sheltering in a cafe by a huge market for an early morning coffee stop. Enjoying the leisuely pace today, though with half an eye on 120 miles again if all goes well I can’t hang about here all morning.

It’s bank holiday in France today, so not a great deal open, and quiet roads. Heading for Chablis, and then see how I feel. Not much wind today, which is a welcome change, legs feeling heavier today. There is just not much actual flat on this route!

74 miles @ Chablis and feeling ok, the lady I bought a bottle from informs me its a new road surface all the way to Avalon (laid for the tour 2 years ago) flat at first, but then more of the ups and downs.

Cloud cover came over after chabli and was treated to a shower, part of which I managed to dodge in a barn.

100 miles exactly to our campsite in Avalon, decided finishing at 6 would be enough for today. Liking the 3 star treatment, they have cold beer which is a step up from the first night where it was just cold shower water! There’s even WiFi here.

I think its under 400 miles to go and I’m convincing myself the rhone valley will be flatter, so the aim tomorrow via Beaune and pootle south.

My efforts today have been dwarfed by 3 English blokes who have recently arrived on bikes, having spent 3 weeks getting here from Athens!

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