Salomon Speedcross

So, another running blogger is about to ramble on about kit. I make no apologies, you must be as sick of reading about me already as I am about writing it.

No-one is sending me this stuff, nor is anyone asking me to review it, I’m just one of those fussy shoppers, I try not to be a goon with loads of kit he never uses, and the Scotsman in me means the cash is hard parted with at times. So I read a lot of stuff before buying and thought I’d have a go a writing about my own kit…starting with the favourites:

You won’t see Salomon Speedcross shoes that look like these in a catalogue. I’ve chosen these first up as I just couldn’t be without them off road. This Sunday I did 23 miles in this pair, there had been a couple of inches of snow on the Cotswold hills which nicely covered the rock, grass or mainly mud that is the Cotswold way this time of year. These shoes just take whatever you throw at them.

I was out with a friend who had a pair of asics something or others (now I’m a big asics fan) and the grip you get from the lugs on the sole makes these much better in the slippy mud, and goign uphill. He’s a smidge faster than me normally, but not yesterday! Going downhill I get great confidence from, just knowing that when I plant a foot it’s not going sliding away. They’re really light too.

To be honest I’m not a big fan of the quick lace system, once on, I like to keep a shoe on so why do I need a techno quick release shoe lace? Saying that they have never come off in the mud. The shoes are a snug fit some say, but my feet are quite narrow and these fit like a glove. At about 2 years old the laces did both snap on me which was a major annoyance, but that happens sometimes to normal laces I suppose. It was easy enough to tie them in a temporary knot and finish the run though and I did find a replacement pair easily enough:

I’ve done distances up to 37 miles in these with no blisters and did most of Offa’s Dyke in them over 7 days too. There’s at least 600 miles in this pair now and there’s plenty of life in them yet. I’ve got the goretex ones which are perfect for when it’s wet, but of course if you go in too deep and the water is over your ankle or even through a river then you would probably want a breathable none waterproof pair which would dry out rather than keep the water in!

If there are long stretches of tarmac these are not the best plan, they can feel a bit skittish. But on mud, trails, snow, grass, rock….I wouldn’t choose anything else.

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