Cardiff Ultra


Next up was the Cardiff Ultra, a 50 mile route along the Taff Trail from Brecon to Cardiff. Just 4 weeks after the Fling, I wasn’t sure quite how this would go, but felt good.


Time at each 10 mile mark and (average pace in brackets)
10 miles 1:37 (9:40)
20 miles 3:16 (9:48)
30 miles 5:18 (10:36)
40 miles 7:14 (10:50)
50.2 miles 8:54:49 (10:39)
Felt really good throughout, helped to share the first half with Jamie Blair, in not only his first ultra but his first Marathon too! Amazing effort from him to finish the thing, though I wonder if I’ve put him off Ultras?!


It was a really hot day, and we we’re trying to stay in the shadows before 9am, but by the middle of the day it was baking hot. After a few miles walking (and eating) with Jamie to see if we could carry on together, I was went on my way at mile 33, and picked the pace up, running all the way to the finish. I felt really good, picked up about 20 places as people faded in the heat. I was able to throw in a couple of 8 minute miles at the end to bring it inside 9 hours 🙂
8:54:49 51st of 140 – OK, now I’m an ultra runner, I actually ran this one. The fact is was mainly tarmac and gravel paths made a big difference, as that’s still where the majority of my training has been. But getting offroad and on hills every chance I can get now. I was really pleased with the recovery after the race too my legs were’nt to bad at all and I was back to normal training 4 days later.

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