2014 – a mixed bag

Stroud Half this weekend was supposed to be a target race for the autumn, with lots of work travel in the summer marathon miles were out, and a sub 1:20 half was a good target. I had a bit too much fun riding my bike though, pretty sure I’ve built a bigger engine over the summer but have also put on 5kg since London marathon and not run enough. Coupled with whiplash from a car accident and work being hectic, I’m not where I want to be in October and will be running Stroud Half for fun, hopefully I’m in 1:25 shape!

It’s been a good year though with PBs accross the board:

5K 18:02 at the white horse in August
10K  37:02 at Bourton in Feb
HM  1:20:52 at Bath in March
M  2:55:15 at London in April
53m 10:10:31 at the Highland fling in April

But aside from the 5k it’s been a long summer without real running form. My cycling has improved a lot this year though, what with Darren Jewell giving me some reprogramming, Caroline Handley announcing that if I wanted to see her at weekends it needed to be on a bike, and Singapore turning out to be a great place to ride, I definitely swapped ultra marathons for road biking this year. So the target of 3100 bike miles in 2014 was completed easily in September, much to my surprise!

So where now?

I want 2:45-2:50 at London 2015 and believe 100% it’s possible if I put the work in. To do this its going to be 50-70 miles a week, get back down in weight, live a bit more healthily.

I also need some other targets, not sure what yet though.

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