Easy like Sunday morning

I know it sounds funny but I just can’t stand the pain…… Yep, Lionel Richie tried running his long runs really hard and found out it wasn’t worth it. Jack Daniels explain why in 3 minutes

Easy running at up to 60% of max effort!!! How slow would we go at 110bpm?? Its a fast walk!

If you don’t have a reliable HR monitor, nows a good time to think about getting one. Yes there are variations if you’re ill, or at the end of a big training block, or if it’s hot. But the HR doesn’t lie or hide how hard your body is really working. I find it a great way to control effort and monitor improvement.

So, we’re not about to start going for long walks at 60% HR. In the video Jack is talking about very well trained athletes. Turns out we can run a 1:30 half marathon, but we’re not really “well trained”. There’s a huge untapped aerobic improvement we haven’t got close to realising yet.

Imagine doing 8:30 miles at 110 bpm.

How fast would you go if you cranked it up to 170?!

If you haven’t heard the word mitochondria enough, this guy has a funny accent when he basically explains the same thing.

Now, we’re talking aerobic conditioning here. That’s the first few months of a good marathon build up. There is certainly a place for harder faster training. But we need to build a bigger base for the cake first. Then ice it with the speedwork later on.

There’s a bunch more we can go into on speedwork, and great gains are there to be had too. But…. after a season of speedwork, we won’t get the same gains if we carry on at it. Only on top of a bigger base, can we really get the gains speedwork offers.

So for now, here’s a bit more base appreciation

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